Giving Wings to T-Bird Dreams

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Help us make dreams take flight!

As we approach the end of the year, we're taking a moment to think about all the dreams that have come to life at SUU. Every student who comes to our campus brings their own unique dreams, just like the diverse landscape that surrounds us. Today, we're united by a shared vision that goes beyond time and embodies what it means to be a T-Bird.

We're excited to introduce our end-of-year campaign, "Giving Wings to T-Bird Dreams." This theme represents our commitment to helping our students achieve their goals while celebrating the incredible spirit of our alumni. At its core, this campaign is an invitation to reconnect with the subjects that once fueled your passion and to come together to support the dreams of the next generation.

Embracing the Power of Giving:

SUU is more than just a school. It's a community of dreamers and achievers who share a strong connection. Our alumni have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also carried a part of SUU with them throughout their lives. It's with this deep sense of belonging that we invite you to give back – to play a role in the ongoing transformation of our academic programs.

Supporting Your Alma Mater:

"Giving Wings to T-Bird Dreams" is more than just a campaign. It's a chance to make a lasting impact on the academic fields that influenced your journey. Whether you studied the arts, sciences, business, engineering, or something else, your contribution will directly benefit current and future students. Through targeted support, we'll strengthen resources, improve facilities, and create scholarships to make education more accessible.

A Commitment to the Future:

In our ever-changing world, the importance of higher education and specialized training is clearer than ever. By supporting your academic area, you become part of a legacy that changes lives, promotes innovation, and uplifts communities. Your generosity is an investment in the future leaders, thinkers, and creators who will shape our world for the better.

We welcome all support, whether it's directed towards a fund that helps the community as a whole, an area of study that you're passionate about, or a family scholarship you'd like to carry on as part of your legacy. Please take the time to explore our areas of giving.  Every gift makes a difference, and every T-Bird's dreams deserve to take flight.

Join Us on this Journey:

We encourage you to spark change, kindle hope, and lead the way for our future T-Birds. Your support's influence knows no bounds, and together, we'll create a magnificent flight of dreams. Thank you for being an integral part of SUU's story. We're excited to go on this journey together with "Giving Wings to T-Bird Dreams."

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Donor Map
Areas of SupportWhich areas of support are soaring?
Area of SupportDonorsRaised ($)
Women & Gender Studies Scholarship2$534
Jason Ted Jensen Scholarship0$0
Sports Communication Gift Fund0$0
Gwen & Keith Knight Legacy Endowed Scholarship0$0
Student Success Scholarship32$9,270
Faculty Senate58$2,253
HSS Deans Fund for Excellence12$11,286
School of Business 1897 Club Endowed Scholarship15$4,245
Dr. Kim Craft Endowed Scholarship9$1,050
STEM Prep0$0
Geology Scholarship3$526
T-Bird Strong Student Emergency Fund106$5,910
Colonel & Mrs. Alva L. Matheson Endowed Aviation Scholarship0$0
Theatre Arts Endowed Scholarship1$250
Rodney Scott Eyre Endowed Scholarship1$1,000
Power 910$0
William Lazarus Hardiman Dotson Scholarship0$0
HSS Deans Scholarship0$0
Thomas-Daniels Elementary Education Scholarship0$0
Carmen H. Watson Biology Scholarship0$0
Parley & Mabel Dalley Endowed Scholarship0$0
Jack & Gayle Carter Music Scholarship0$0
Walter Gibson CoS Endowment0$0
Political Sciences & Criminal Justice Scholarship1$100
Diana Graff Library Endowment0$0
Lynda Linford Football Endowed Scholarship0$0
Richard & Irene Tebbs Math Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ben & Cindy Davidson Athletic Training Scholarship4$4,050
Mike & Diane Gardner Scholarship0$0
Colonel Alva L. Matheson Aviation Scholarship0$0
Betsy Hatfield Nursing Scholarship1$100
Golf Program0$0
Gerald R. Sherratt Scholarship0$0
FTC Utah Fund0$0
Mary Lunt Endowed Scholarship0$0
Larry & Joan Dahle Endowed Scholarship0$0
E. Blair Maxfield Memorial Endowed Geology Scholarship0$0
Stephen R. Adams Memorial Technology Scholarship0$0
Dr. Rick Lambson Teaching Excellence Award0$0
Alan Carver Memorial Scholarship0$0
Kinesiology & Outdoor Recreation Scholarship0$0
Department of Geosciences Gift Fund1$500
John J. Campbell Family Scholarship0$0
Thunderworks Innovation Center0$0
Women's Basketball2$350
SUU Aviation Endowed Scholarship0$0
Cameron Levins Endowed Scholarship1$1,000
3D Art & Design Program0$0
Small Business Development Center Gifts0$0
English Department Chair's Fund0$0
Engineering Projects0$0
AMPAC Physical Science Scholarship0$0
Randy Humphries Scholarship0$0
David A. Dolowitz Endowed Scholarship0$0
Gary Giles Endowed Scholarship8$3,950
Construction Management0$0
Communications Department Scholarship1$2
Valorie Blackburn Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dean & Jackie Anderson Education Scholarship1$500
Melling Dover Pioneer Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ragsdale Family Research Fund0$0
Interdisiplinary Studies Chair's Fund for Excellence1$50
Keith & Nina Barnes Endowed Scholarship0$0
History Department Scholarship0$0
Aviation Interest-only Scholarship0$0
Intermountain Healthcare Psy.D Diversity Scholarship0$0
Football Touchdown Club2$500
Tanner Center0$0
Jared & Niki Tippets Single Parent Scholarship0$0
Entrepreneurship Program Launch0$0
Jack & Gayle Carter Nursing Scholarship0$0
Jesse R Jones & Taggart C. Speakman Scholarship2$10,000
Staff Association Scholarship193$13,359
Mechanical Engineering Expendable Scholarship0$0
Gerald R. Sherratt Endowment0$0
Paul Petrek-Duban Memorial Fund for the Promotion of the National Parks0$0
Miss Bonnie's Early Childhood Development Scholarship3$2,100
Language Scholarship0$0
Agriculture Scholarship1$100
Psychology Chair's Fund1$100
Blair Family Entrepreneurship Scholarship0$0
Larry B. Stillman Endowed Director of Entrepreneurship1$1,000
Dr. Larry L. Ping History Scholarship2$2,200
Teacher Education Scholarship31$4,246
Biology Scholarship1$3,000
Department of Family Life and Human Development Fund for Excellence3$150
Tiny T-Birds Scholarship0$0
David & Mary Anderson Scholarship0$0
Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business Dean's Fund13$1,950
E. Leon Chidester Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
AA Student Travel0$0
Randy & Ann Marie McIff Allen Family Scholarship2$26
Lucile L. Broadbent Endowed Scholarship0$0
Steve & Sherrill Lunt Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ann Adamson Excellence in Teaching Award0$0
Muller International Scholarship0$0
Gerald R. Sherratt Library0$0
Thompson History, Sociology and Anthropology Scholarship2$700
Dr. Jean Reeve Lopour Endowed Scholarship2$1,001
David H. & June Jeppson Nursing Scholarship0$0
Seegmiller Fine Arts Entrepreneur Scholarship0$0
Joseph J. Lopour Endowed Scholarship0$0
Non-Traditional Students Scholarship8$502
Political Science and Criminal Justice Chair's Fund2$125
School of Business National Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship0$0
Kathryn Berg Endowed Scholarship0$0
Military-Connected Gift Fund2$11
Physical Education Department Scholarship0$0
Matthew Hansen Scholarship0$0
Dr. Fred & Linda Lohrengel Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Deseret Media/KSL Media Studies Scholarship0$0
LTC Glade V. Sorenson Memorial Scholarship0$0
Seymour Memorial Library Trust0$0
Tessa and Spencer Douglas Scholarship0$0
MPA Directors Experiential Learning Scholarship1$500
Jacalyn Smith Leavitt Scholarship0$0
Geology Field Trip Fund0$0
Roy L. & Maude Halversen Endowed Scholarship1$100
College of Engineering and Computational Sciences Experiential Learning3$225
Department of History, Sociology and Anthropology Chair's Fund3$60
Physical Science Publication and Recruiting0$0
Mike Dunn "MD Enterprises" SUU Rodeo Club0$0
Jay Grant & June Decker Thorley Endowed Scholarship0$0
Entrepreneurship Speaker Series0$0
Intermountain Power Agency Endowed Scholarship0$0
English Department Scholarship0$0
Percussion Program Expendable Scholarship0$0
Thunderbird Scholarship Fund0$0
College of Health Sciences Dean’s Innovation Fund4$220
Ila Magleby Nursing Scholarship2$1,100
Dave & Jennifer Oberhelman Athletic Scholarship1$100
Karen Wauneka - Brown Memorial Native American Scholarship0$0
Physical Science Department Scholarship0$0
Business Law Society0$0
Communication Department Chair's Fund3$175
3 Point Club - Men's Basketball1$200
Commercial Music Scholarship0$0
Maxine Stolk Memorial Scholarship0$0
H. Peyton Johnson Endowed Scholarship1$1,000
Sound of Southern Utah University Bands Gifts0$0
Carmen H. Watson Agriculture & Nutrition Science Scholarship0$0
Marvin Mayes Education Scholarship1$2,000
Road Dog Technical Theatre Scholarship0$0
Bennion-Grant Business Scholarship1$1,500
Dr. Craig Morrison Physical Education Endowed Scholarship1$1,000
Morgan Rollo, Geraldine & Garth Fisher Endowed Scholarship0$0
Harl & Anne Judd Endowed Science Scholarship0$0
Ashcroft Observatory Improvements0$0
Bryce Canyon Association - Jim Bowns Memorial Scholarship1$200
Lehi W. & Henrietta L. Jones Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
David L. & Mildred Sargent Endowed Scholarship1$1,000
Steve & Marje Bennion Service Scholarship0$0
Darwin & Colleen Woodbury Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
College of Science Majors Scholarship2$200
Dennis Stowell Memorial Scholarship1$1,000
Dance Scholarship0$0
Cline & Jane Dahle Scholarship0$0
Edward W. & Elaine C. Southwick Endowed Scholarship1$100
Lynne & Harry Brown Scholarship0$0
Psychology Department Scholarship0$0
Remote Work Tools program0$0
Rock J. Lopour Endowed Football Scholarship0$0
Grant W. & Helen P. Stott Endowed Scholarship0$0
The English Department Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering0$0
Ben Davidson Nontraditional Scholarship1$2,000
Sociology Department Scholarship0$0
Music Department2$101
Kimber Hunter Nursing Scholarship0$0
Clara Creer & Perry Driggs Endowed Scholarship0$0
R. Kenneth Benson Endowed Scholarship1$500
Coaching Factory Hall of Fame2$126
Carl E. & Esther V. Jepson Nutrition Endowed Scholarship0$0
Milton & Cora Lindsay Bennion Endowed Scholarship0$0
Eletra Casadei Legacy Endowed Scholarship0$0
ALIGN PRECISION Scholarship0$0
Professional Business Leader1$50
Richard E. Gillies Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Math Department Scholarship3$111
Candace & Andrew Freire Nursing Scholarship0$0
The Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism Scholarship & Gift Fund0$0
Hinkins Scholarship0$0
Michael K. Carter Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Carl Templin Endowed Scholarship0$0
Southern Utah NCWIT Affiliate0$0
Lori Jean Stoker Eyre Scholarship0$0
Made in Southern Utah Scholarship0$0
Dean & Jackie Anderson Science Scholarship1$500
Frank Petty Jr. Memorial Scholarship0$0
Brittany Lacy Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Hazen & Phyllis Cooley Endowed Scholarship0$0
Engineering Scholarship2$26
AMPAC Engineering scholarship0$0
Troy & Lucille Hall Endowed Scholarship0$0
Phyllis Richins Education Scholarship0$0
College of Engineering and Computational Sciences Scholarship5$700
Patricia Keehley MPA Endowed Scholarship1$100
Sherilyn Ranstrom Scholarship0$0
Nutrition Department General Scholarship0$0
Hal K. & Joan D. Campbell Scholarship1$2,500
Physical Science Emeritus Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Charles L. Metten & Patricia H. Metten Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dave Lee & Eugene Woolf Endowed Scholarship0$0
Hinkins Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dominion Energy Physical Science Scholarship0$0
Hunter/Cowan Memorial Endowed Scholarship1$200
Sheila Gardner Rose Single Mother Scholarship0$0
Daniels Boundless Opportunities Scholarship0$0
Business Faculty Development2$525
CPVA Development5$1,627
Corser Psychology Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Lynn & Millie Abplanalp Outdoor Recreation and Entrepreneur Scholarship0$0
Monty & Dr. Shannon Sorensen Scholarship0$0
Iron County Home Builders Association Scholarship0$0
Julia Kiyouguchi Endowed Scholarship0$0
Western AgCredit Scholarship0$0
Language and Philosophy Chair's Fund0$0
Investment Scholars Group0$0
Dr. Robert Eves Endowed Scholarship0$0
Track and Field0$0
Dixie Interpretive Association Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ruth Ipson Cannon Endowed Scholarship1$3,000
Art Department Scholarship1$100
Roy & Tibby Simmons Single Parents Scholarship0$0
WHPU Strategic Communication Fund0$0
Helene Truman Scholarship0$0
Steve Harrop Endowed Scholarship0$0
Thunderbird Athletic Foundation10$3,603
Professional Sales Program0$0
Cross Country0$0
CAPS Gifts0$0
Blanche Cox Clegg Scholarship1$1,000
Aubrey Mann Master of Accountancy Scholarship0$0
Friends of the Library0$0
Eva Nadene Hinkins Endowed Scholarship0$0
Sponer Family Scholarship0$0
Music Department Scholarship0$0
C. Scott & Dorothy E. Watkins Nursing Scholarship0$0
Normand Dee Laub Accounting Endowed Scholarship0$0
William & Claire B. Jones Endowed Scholarship0$0
V.R. Magleby Memorial Scholarship2$1,100
Nikki Gwin Memorial Scholarship0$0
C. Scott & Dorothy E. Watkins Charitable Foundation Scholarship0$0
Utah Lyceum Fund0$0
Robert P. Foster Jr. Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Reed W. Farnsworth Endowed Scholarship3$751
Entrepreneur Leadership Council0$0
Walter Maxwell Gibson Engineering and Computational Science Endowment0$0
Joyce Judd Watson Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ballroom Dance Company0$0
Douglas & Mary Bennett Advocacy Scholarship0$0
Education Department Scholarship2$540
George & Blanche LeBaron Endowed Scholarship0$0
Jack & Gayle Carter Business Scholarship0$0
Wood Land & Livestock Agriculture Scholarship0$0
Intermountain Healthcare Diversity in Nursing Scholarship0$0
MellRee P. Andersen Dance Scholarship0$0
Theron & Lucretia Ashcroft Endowed Scholarship0$0
MBA General Gift Fund1$20
Hope Pantry5$702
Project Archaeology Gift Fund0$0
Holiday Child Trust Non-Traditional Endowed Scholarship0$0
Valley Farms (SUU)0$0
East Zion Adventures Scholarship0$0
Intermountain Power Agency College of Engineering and Computational Sciences Endowed Scholarship0$0
Accounting Department Scholarship1$50
Douglas F. Bennett Endowed Scholarship2$251
SUU Center for STEM Teaching & Learning1$1,000
Marilee A Stowell Single Mother Scholarship1$1,000
Dominion Energy Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship0$0
Glen L. & Flora Renee Halterman Scholarship0$0
Craig S. Morrison Gymnastics Endowed Scholarship0$0
Ty Redd Endowed Scholarship1$500
Nancy Carol Ping Nursing Scholarship1$2,000
Ron & Paulette Wodehouse Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship1$100
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